Fig. 6: Kramers–Kronig analysis. | Communications Physics

Fig. 6: Kramers–Kronig analysis.

From: Mechanisms of blueshifts in organic polariton condensates

Fig. 6

a Real (red) and imaginary (blue) parts of the complex refractive index plotted for the case of unperturbed (solid) and saturated (dashed) molecular transitions, respectively, where we saturate the transition by 10%. b The ratio \(\rho = \frac{{{\mathrm{\Delta }}E_{\mathrm{{LPB}}}^{\mathrm{c}}}}{{{\mathrm{\Delta }}E_{\mathrm{{LPB}}}^{\mathrm{\Omega }}}}\) shows the relative contributions of the cavity mode energy renormalization (numerator) and the Rabi-quenching term (denominator) to the overall polariton blueshift as a function of exciton–photon detuning.

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