Zoe Schnepp is Associate Professor of Chemistry at University of Birmingham. Her research focuses on biomass-derived materials and particularly the way that iron is able to convert amorphous carbon from biomass into graphitic carbon. Zoe also leads the ChemBAM project (www.chembam.com), which aims to bring chemistry to life through fun and accessible experiments and activities. The ChemBAM team won the 2023 Royal Society of Chemistry Inclusion and Diversity Prize.

Credit: Zoe Schnepp

David Smith is Professor of Chemistry at University of York where he carries out research into self-assembling molecular materials. In 2022, he was awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry ‘Tilden Prize’ in recognition of his research. He also received the 2022 Society of Chemical Industry’s ‘Science for Society Award’ for chemical education and outreach. Dave has written and lectured widely on wide-ranging aspects of inclusion and diversity in modern science, and was recognized by Chemical and Engineering News as an ‘LGBT + Trailblazer’. In memory of his husband, his love of food and cooking led him to write the award-winning cookbook/memoir, ‘Tw-Eat Together’.

Credit: David K. Smith

This interview was conducted by the editors of Communications Chemistry.