Q&A with Professor Jennifer Andexer and Professor Wolfgang Kroutil

    The importance of collaboration and good working relationships is unquestionable in our field, and is vital for the effective publication of research articles. In this series of Q&A’s we talk to people involved in all aspects of the process and explore the relationships between them. Here we discuss interactions between authors and reviewers with Professor Jennifer Andexer (University of Freiburg) and Professor Wolfgang Kroutil (University of Graz).

    Image credit: Jennifer Andexer

    Jennifer is Junior Professor of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry working on enzymology, biochemistry and biocatalysis. Wolfgang is Professor of Chemistry working on enzymatic and biocatalytic methods for asymmetric organic synthesis. In 2018, Jennifer was one of three reviewers for Wolfgang’s Communications Chemistry paper, Biocatalytic methylation and demethylation via a shuttle catalysis concept involving corrinoid proteins. In this interview we ask them about their experiences as authors and referees.

    Image credit: Wolfgang Kroutil

    This interview was conducted by the editors at Communications Chemistry.

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