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Fig. 1: Impact of rafR SNP.

From: In vivo dual RNA-seq reveals that neutrophil recruitment underlies differential tissue tropism of Streptococcus pneumoniae

Fig. 1

A SNP in rafR between the serotype 14 sequence type 15 clonal isolates 4559-Blood and 947-Ear leads to a non-conservative G249D amino acid substitution in the raffinose pathway regulator RafR. RafRG249 results in upregulation of raf operons (horizontal arrows denote transcriptional start sites) in 4559-Blood relative to 947-Ear, favouring persistence in the lung after intranasal challenge. Lower raf pathway expression mediated by RafRD249 facilitates clearance of 947-Ear from the lung, but promotes spread to and/or persistence in the ear and brain. The location of the SNP in rafR is indicated by an asterisk7.

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