Table 1 Cloning of cDNAs and hairpin IDs

From: Golgi stress mediates redox imbalance and ferroptosis in human cells

Gene Forward primer Reverse primer Vector cDNA source
GSR NM_000637.3_var1 GSR/SalI GSR/NotI pLJM60 PC3
GSTA1(var2-3) GSTA1_var2/SalI GSTA1/NotI pLJM60 A549
GPX4_var1_mito NM_002085.4 GPX4/AgeI GPX4-flag/EcoRI pLJM13 HeLa
SLC7A11 NM_014331.3 SLC7A11/AgeI SLC7A11-flag/EcoRI pLJM13 A549
ACSL4 NM_001318509 ACSL4var3/SalI ACSL4/NotI pLJM60 HeLa
SOD1 (cytoplasm.) NM_000454.4 SOD1/AgeI SOD1-flag/EcoRI pLJM13 A549
SOD2 (mitoch.) NM_000636.3 SOD2/AgeI SOD2-flag/EcoRI pLJM13 A549
CAT NM_001752.3 CAT/AgeI CAT-flag/XbaI pLJM13 A549
  1. The cloning of Flag-γ-Tubulin was described previously81. For cloning of all other cDNAs described in the manuscript, the above oligos and cDNA pools were used for the PCR reactions