Methane removal and atmospheric restoration

Zeolites and other technologies should be evaluated and pursued for reducing methane concentrations in the atmosphere from 1,860 ppb to preindustrial levels of ~750 ppb. Such a goal of atmospheric restoration provides a positive framework for change at a time when climate action is desperately needed.

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Fig. 1: A hypothetical industrial array oxidizing CH4 to CO2.

Image by Stan Coffman


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This Comment is a contribution of the Global Carbon Project ( We acknowledge support for general research on methane from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (GBMF5439; R.B.J. and J.G.C.), the Stanford Natural Gas Initiative (R.B.J., M.C.), US National Science Foundation (CHE-1660611; E.I.S.), and the Australian National Environmental Science Program – Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub (J.G.C.). We also acknowledge H. M. Rhoda and S. Coffman for assistance with the manuscript and artwork, respectively.

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