Fig. 2: Analysis of app based SDMT validity. | npj Digital Medicine

Fig. 2: Analysis of app based SDMT validity.

From: Smartphone-based symbol-digit modalities test reliably captures brain damage in multiple sclerosis

Fig. 2

a HV generally perform better than MS on the app SDMT (p < 0.0001). The number of participants for each cohort are shown below the plot. b Assessment of agreement between the raw app-based score and the written score (HV = 16; MS = 138). The black solid line is the 1:1 concordance line. The orange dashed line is the regression line. c Bland–Altman plot for the written and the app scores. The limits of agreement are −5.29 and 20.84. On average, individuals perform 7.8 points higher on the written test. d The plot of concordance between the written and app scores, after adjusting for the 7.8 points difference.

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