Table 2 Research opportunities and potential action Items from the NIH/NSF workshop on digital clinical trials.

From: Digitizing clinical trials

Research opportunity Potential action Item
Leveraging digital technologies to transform clinical trials • Capitalize on existing technologies and research platforms
  • Incorporate testing and the adoption of new approaches
  • Leverage the science from which other areas of information technology have already benefited (e.g., Artificial Intelligence)
  • Ensure trial technology tools are accessible for people with low digital and reading literacy
  • Develop partnerships with new technology and computational communities
Incorporating technology to enhance clinical trials • Develop standard protocol templates that include automation for recruitment, retention, and data collection
  • Develop validation models for new devices and analyses using existing trials and tools
  • Develop common standards for data collection and transmission and the use of standard data elements
  • Create depositories of digital tools and methods
Committing to use of digital technology to address disparities • Develop partnerships between technology developers, researchers and community advocates
  • Make investments in the next generation workforce in medicine, technology, and clinical research
  • Bring broadband and Wi-Fi access to rural communities