Table 1 Clinical trials transformation initiative (CTTI) recommendations for dealing with data collection from mobile technologies (Adapted from ref. 41).

From: Digitizing clinical trials

1   Design the mobile technologies using evidence-based principles. Address clearly user-centered design principles in developing and choosing technology. Proactively address data privacy and security with user input.
2   Collect the appropriate dataset necessary to address the study aims:
  a Evidence-based principles should drive decisions about the quantity of data to be collected,
  b Ensure that appropriate metadata are collected to provide sufficient contextual information to understand the data captured by mobile technologies while minimizing the collection of intrusive data, and
  c The most appropriate measurement intervals and optimal sampling frequency for a given outcome should be determined during development of the study aims.
3   Optimize data collection. When using mobile technologies for data capture, a multi-pronged approach to optimize data quality and missing is necessary, with efforts focused on:
  a Optimizing trial design,
  b Including appropriate strategies for monitoring and optimizing data quality,
  c Ensuring technical approaches are in place to address technology-related or transmission-related causes of missing data,
  d Identifying acceptable ranges and mitigate variability in data collected via mobile technologies, and
  e Piloting testing to identify any unanticipated causes of missing data.
4   Proactively plan for the analysis of data captured using mobile technologies.
5   Establish common metrics, norms and/or standards to drive the successful scaling and more rapid acceptance of mobile technologies for data capture.