Table 4 Transcription errors made by the automatic speech recognition system.

From: Assessing the accuracy of automatic speech recognition for psychotherapy

   Meaning (semantics)
   Similar to reference standard Different from reference standard
Form (Words or Phonetics) Similar to reference standard 1. Tuesday, I had found out about that my grandmother had died is dying.
2. Came back and ate eat some more.
1. I have still been feeling depressed the preston.
2. Do you have any plans to hurt dirt yourself?
Different from reference standard 1. Depends on like what I eat or what I’ve been eating have been made.
2. Comfortable to expressing his these negative emotions.
1. It still stings. It doesn’t hurt as much as it did wasn’t hers do you still feel like.
2. I’m going to try to appeal kill the schools.
  1. Each numbered sentence is a different sentence containing both the reference standard and ASR transcription. Strikethrough denotes the human-generated reference standard. Underline denotes the speech recognition system’s erroneous output. Black text denotes agreement.