Table 1 Clinical scenarios where evidence suggests that apps may add value to patient care.

From: What is the clinical value of mHealth for patients?

Category of mHealth AppExample clinical scenarios where mHealth apps may add value to patient care
Diagnostics and clinical decision makingInteractive symptom checkers may be used for emergency triage in areas of limited access to healthcare
Screening of patient reported outcomes for recurrence of some cancers
Behavior change interventions through mHealthApps may support behavioral change to achieve short-term reduction of BMI for obese patients and improvement in HbA1c for mild diabetics
Apps may support medication adherence in chronic disease or improve compliance and clinical outcomes from perioperative care programs
Digital therapeuticsApps may be used to broaden access to CBT for management of insomnia and related symptoms with comparable outcomes demonstrated with traditional service provision
mHealth apps that deliver disease-related educationApps may be used to deliver disease related education to improve communication and facilitate better patient decision making in clinic
Apps may support self-management and alleviation of concerns where services are unavailable or where there are unexpected side effects from prescribed therapies