Table 1 Examples of wearable technology companies with products applicable towards assessing the position and motion of the athlete

From: Wearable sensors for monitoring the internal and external workload of the athlete

Company Sampling of products Product type Product functionality Headquarters
Adidas miCoach Fit Smart, miCoach Smart Run Watch Heart rate, GPS, distance Herzogenaurach, Germany
Apple Apple Watch Watch Heart rate, distance, email, ECG, text messages, phone Cupertino, CA
BioSensive Technologies Inc. Joule Earrings Heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, overall activity level Ontario, Canada
Catapult OptimEye S5, Vector Device unit Movement, Turn rates, orientation, heart rate. Device placed below the neck (tucked in shoulder pads) Melbourne, Australia
Fitbit Flex, One, Alta Watch Steps walked, distance, heart rate, sleep quality, pedometer, calories burned San Francisco, CA
Garmin Vivoactive, Vivosmart, Vivofit Watch Pedometer, sleep quality, heart rate, distance Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Jabra Sports Pulse Wireless Headphone Headphone Accelerometer and heart rate monitoring Ballerup, Denmark
Jawbone Up Band Pedometer, distance, heart rate, sleep quality, calories San Francisco, CA
Karacus Polaris, Zeta, Proxima Watch Movement, phone, email Chapel Hill, NC
Kitman Labs Capture Sensor mounted on computer Biometric data via machine learning, GPS, and player tracking Dublin, Ireland
Microsoft Microsoft Band Band Heart rate, calories burned, sleep quality, email, text Redmond, WA
Nike Fuelband Band Pedometer, GPS Washington County, Oregon
Polar A360, Loop Crystal, Loop 2 Band Heart rate, performance tracker Kempele, Finland
Samsung GearFit 2 Watch GPS, sleep, heart rate, calories, pedometer Seoul, South Korea
Sansible Technologies LiveSkin Textile electronics Speed, impact, position Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Starkey Hearing Technologies Livio AI Hearing Aid Hearing aid Translates foreign languages, contains a pedometer, tracks physical activity (wellness score) Eden Prairie, MN
Stifit Stifit band Band Blood oxygen, body mass index, calories burned, distance, fatigue, heart rate, sleep San Francisco, CA
TruSox TruSox Socks Non-slip socks to generate greater speed and agility Baltimore, MD
Under Armor HTC Grip Wristband Heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled Baltimore, MD
Vert G-Vert, VERT Coach Device unit Measure G-force in movement, acceleration, kinetic energy, power Fort Lauderdale, FL
Vibrado Technologies Vibrado Technologies Textile electronics Accelerometer to measure shot angle, arm height, release point. Sleeve to be worn over forearm Sunnyvale, CA
Zebra Technologies Zebra Tracking Device Device unit RFID used to quantify movement and distance profiles. Device placed below the neck in shoulder pads or sewn into jersey Lincolnshire, IL
Zephyr BioHarness 3, HxM™ Smart, HxM™ BT Textile Electronics Heart rate, respiration, tri-axial accelerometer, heart rate, activity, posture, oxygen saturation levels Annapolis, Maryland (Founded in New Zealand)
  1. Data for this table was acquired from company websites and social media sites affiliated with each company