Table 5 Excerpt from the device evaluation template

From: Not all sensors are created equal: a framework for evaluating human performance measurement technologies

Technical evaluation
Component Query Device 1 (insert device name) Device 2 (insert device name) Device 3 (insert device name) Device 4 (insert device name) Requirement fulfilled? Y/N/NA/Not clear
Device 1 Device 2 Device 3 Device 4
Device specification (A) What are the device dimensions?         
(B) What is the device weight?         
(C) What is the device lifespan?         
Variable measured (A) What is the target measurement variable?         
(B) What other variables can be measured?         
(C) What instruments are in the device (e.g., accelerometer, gyroscope, stress gauge, etc.)?         
Connectivity (A) E.g. wired, BT, BTLE, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, serial connection?