Table 4 Proportion of participants reaching a minimal important change (MIC) in the per protocol group. The MIC are taken from Ostelo et al. (2008) and represent a change in the VAS or ODI score, respectively, that is considered meaningful to the participant. It is defined as either a 15/10 absolute point change for VAS/ODI, or as a 30% reduction from the baseline score. We also show how many participants reached either of the MIC definitions (last two rows). The p-values show the outcome of a two-sided test of proportions between treatment and control, revealing a larger proportion of participants in treatment achieved MIC than in control

From: Randomized controlled trial of a 12-week digital care program in improving low back pain

MIC achieved for outcome Treatment Control p-value for test of proportions
VAS, 15-point reduction 48/69 (70%) 8/36 (22%) <0.001
ODI, 10-point reduction 19/69 (28%) 4/36 (11%) 0.09
VAS, 30% reduction 56/69 (81%) 10/36 (28%) <0.001
ODI, 30% reduction 38/69 (55%) 9/36 (25%) 0.006
VAS, absolute OR percentage reduction 56/69 (81%) 11/36 (31%) <0.001
ODI, absolute OR percentage reduction 40/69 (58%) 9/36 (25%) 0.003