Table 4 Summary of inclusion criteria

From: Prescribable mHealth apps identified from an overview of systematic reviews

Population Patients of all ages, gender and races, with any type of health conditions
Intervention Stand-alone smartphone or tablet apps that are readily available from leading app stores
Comparison No intervention, treatment as usual, traditional or paper-based interventions, waitlist, or another recognized treatment
Outcome Objective measurable health outcomes (e.g., reduction in HbA1c, waist circumference, BMI or weight loss), quality of life outcomes and mood and behaviour changes reported according to relevant and validated questionnaires (e.g., Depression and Anxiety Stress Scale (DASS)).
Study design Systematic reviews of RCTs (if the systematic reviews included other study designs, we will only report on the results of the relevant RCTs)
Time limit Systematic reviews published from 2008 and onwards