Table 1 Keywords and phrases used to search the NIH RePORTER database

From: NIH support of mobile, imaging, pervasive sensing, social media and location tracking (MISST) research: laying the foundation to examine research ethics in the digital age

Mobile Imaging Pervasive sensing Social media Location tracking
Cell phone Camera based Accelerometer Facebook Geographic information systems
mHealth Camera-based Actigraph Instagram GIS
Mobile app Camera sensor FitBit Instant messenger Global positioning system
Mobile application Outward facing camera Fitness tracker MySpace GPS
Mobile based device Outwardly facing camera Pedometer Skype Location tracking
Mobile device Photovoice SenseCam Social media  
Mobile health Wearable camera Wearable sensor Twitter  
Mobile technologies   Wearable sensors YouTube  
Mobile technology   Wearable technology   
Mobile-based device   Wearable technologies   
Palm pilot     
Personal digital Assistant     
Smart phone