FELASA2022: it’s all about communication

The 15th FELASA Congress took place in Marseille last June, three years after the last FELASA meeting, which was held in Prague months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. More than two thousand researchers, students, laboratory animal veterinarians, technicians, and others attended in-person the FELASA2022 Congress, contributing in many ways to the success of the meeting.

In a new Comment this month, Nuno Franco and Vootele Voikar summarize for us the highlights of the FELASA2022 meeting. The motto of the meeting was “Communication”; the authors further explain how communication between all stakeholders in animal research will be essential to promote better science, education, transparency and animal welfare in the future.

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Systems integration to prevent noncompliance

In a new Protocol Review this month, column coordinators and respondents reflect on a new hypothetical scenario. At Great Eastern University (GEU), the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Office and IACUC collaborate closely for the oversight of animal activities involving the use of biological, chemical, and physical hazards. Notably, GEU’s IACUC only approves hazard’s use in animals with the understanding that these activities have already received EHS’ approval. A new Principal Investigator (PI) at GEU who was not aware of these approval requirements began animal activities before final approval from EHS was given, resulting in noncompliance.

Suggestions for improvement are discussed to prevent recurrences of noncompliance, including systems integration among those responsible for oversight (including safety committees, EHS and IACUC) and better communication with the PI.

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