Table 6 High-level evaluation of biomass residues and the CO2 reactivity of their ashes

From: Biomass waste utilisation in low-carbon products: harnessing a major potential resource

Global agricultural residue (Mt/yr) Average ash content (5%) (Mt) CO2-reactive ash (assuming 70%) (Mt/yr) CO2 used in ash (assuming 10% uptake) (Mt) Global wood biomass residue (Mt/yr)a Global wood biomass to energy (60% of total produced) (Mt/yr) Average ash content from energy plant (assuming 10%) (Mt/yr) CO2-reactive ash (assuming 70%) (Mt/yr) CO2 used (assuming 10% uptake) in ash (Mt)
2900 145 102 10 4600 2760 276 193 19.3
  1. aref. 31