Table 7 Examples of lexical bundles that were common in the high-scoring case studies and largely absent from the low-scoring case studies–Attribution.

From: Writing impact case studies: a comparative study of high-scoring and low-scoring case studies from REF2014

Search termAppears in SectionExample
led by ProfessorStart of 2usually followed by name but sometimes by specialism and name; often preceded by “team”/”group” or “studies”/”research”
cited in4“cited in the guideline on Organ donation”
“cited in the Mental Health Strategy for Scotland”
“cited in the Financial Times”
used to4, 3x in 1“used to inform and target a range of strategies”
“our survey methods and evaluation measures are used to assess […] quality”
has been used to inform Government policy”
improve thethroughout“to improve the nation’s public health”
“to improve the availability of data”
“to improve the quality of teaching and learning”
resulting inthroughout“resulting in a funded study”
“Based on this research, [company] updated its […] guidelines […] resulting in cheaper […] costs”