Table 6 Examples of Lexical bundles that were common in the low-scoring case studies and largely absent from the high-scoring case studies–Describing pathway.

From: Writing impact case studies: a comparative study of high-scoring and low-scoring case studies from REF2014

Search termAppears in SectionProblemExample
involved in2 and 4If applied to the researcher, this phrase does not convey agency; involved in what ways?“Stakeholders were involved in the work”
“[the institution’s] invitation to be involved in the EU Framework 7”
“[the researcher] was involved in the project”
has been disseminatedMainly 4“disseminated” is one-directional – what happened then?“The research has been disseminated through a report”
“The work has been
disseminated through publication in international journals”
“it has been disseminated to larger coaching groups”
the event4What event? Could be more specific.“impact was demonstrated through the event
“those attending the event feel strongly”
The event was advertised in the [local newspaper]”