Table 5 Examples of lexical bundles that were common in the high-scoring case studies and largely absent from the low-scoring case studies–Significance and reach.

From: Writing impact case studies: a comparative study of high-scoring and low-scoring case studies from REF2014

 Search termAppears in SectionExample
Significancethe government’s4“cited in the Government’s consultation
“The government's anti-poverty strategy”
“The Government’s education policy”
the department for4All occurrences refer to government departments, mostly UK but some US
the department2 and 4As above, but:
“work done by the Department around the topic” (inside a testimonial quote, referring to university department)
produced by4“has informed the revised media guidelines produced by the Samaritans”
“the impact of the Unit’s work has been visible
in key documents produced by the UK Government and the EU”
(to) the house of4Lords: 13x
Commons: 15x
Reachin the US4“In the US the stimulator is sold by…”
“legislation on immigration reform in the US”
“impact on policy makers in the US”
the UK’s4 but also 2“the UK’s investment strategy”
“the UK’s regulatory body”
“the UK’s poorest children”
of the UK1 and 4“of the UK general population”
“six different sectors of the UK economy”
“the socio-cultural context of the UK”
in England1 and 4“SIDS deaths in England and Wales”
“has been adopted widely in England and Wales”
“the largest … study … to be conducted in England and one of only three worldwide”
the UK and2 but also 1 and some 4“three key sites across the UK and Europe”
“supports major health policy change in the UK and informed…”
“facilitate … in the UK and therefore”