Correction to: Scientific Reports, published on 16 August 2023

In the original version of this Article, Tali Kimchi was omitted as a corresponding author. Correspondence and requests for materials should also be addressed to

Also, The Funding section in the original version of this Article was omitted. The Funding section now reads:

“Support from the Minerva Foundation (Germany), the Israel Science Foundation (grants 3594/21, 2141/21 and 1874/22) and the Perlman Family Foundation, are gratefully acknowledged. OC is the recipient from an Israel Ministry of Absorption fellowship. LF holds the Bertha and Isadore Gudelsky Professorial Chair and Heads the Clore Institute for High-Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy (Weizmann Institute) whose support is also acknowledged”

The original Article has been corrected.