Table 1 Model parameters for ROMS-L1 and ROMS-L2 setting conditions4.

From: Identification of coral spawn source areas around Sekisei Lagoon for recovery and poleward habitat migration by using a particle-tracking model

Computational period 1 Jan 2005–2 Nov 2015 27 Dec 2010–2 Nov 2015
Grid cells 768 × 768 (× 32 Layers) 1280 × 1280 (× 32 layers)
Horizontal grid resolution 3 km 1 km
Baroclinic time step 240 s 40 s
Surface wind stress QuikSCAT-ECMWF (daily, until 31 Dec 2007) JMA GPV-MSM (h)
JMA GPV-GSM (daily, 1 Jan 2008 and later)
Surface flux NOAA COADS (monthly climatology)
SST and SSS to restore JCOPE2 (20-days averaged)
Yangtze River discharge Monthly climatology11
Open boundary/initial conditions JCOPE2 (daily) ROMS-L1 (daily)
Temperature-salinity nudging JCOPE2 (10-days averaged) Not used
Tides Not Used TPXO 7.0
Topography SIO SRTM30_Plus