Table 1 Prevalence of tinnitus in UK Biobank participants.

From: Genome-wide association study suggests that variation at the RCOR1 locus is associated with tinnitus in UK Biobank

Q. Do you get or have you had noises (such as ringing or buzzing) in your head or in one or both ears that lasts for more than 5 min at a time?
Response N All % % M % F Case control definition
Yes, now most or all of the time 10,719 6.37 8.29 4.76 Case
Yes, now a lot of the time 4110 2.44 2.88 2.08 Case
Yes, now some of the time 15,031 8.92 9.41 8.53
Yes, not now, but have in the past 18,868 11.21 11.13 11.28
Sub-total who answered Yes 48,728 28.95 31.71 26.65
No, never 119,600 71.05 68.29 73.36 Control
  1. Percentage values correspond to the proportion of participants that selected one of these five responses (N = 168,328 participants). An additional 4280 participants selected either “Do not know” or “Prefer not to answer”. %M and %F is the percentage answers for males and females respectively. Case Control Definition designates if the participants who gave these responses were included in the GWAS as Cases or Controls.
  2. Entries for those included in the GWAS are shown in bold.