Table 1 FIC index of interactions between the peptide and first- and second-line anti-TB drugs.

From: A broad spectrum anti-bacterial peptide with an adjunct potential for tuberculosis chemotherapy

Drug combinationsa FIC indexb Interpretation
NZX: RIF 2.1 Indifference
NZX: EMB 0.75 Additive
NZX: INH 1 Additive
NZX: AMK 1.1 Indifference
  1. aNZX (peptide), RIF (rifampicin), INH (isoniazid), EMB (ethambutol), AMK (amikacin).
  2. bFIC Index borders: synergistic (≤ 0.5), additive (> 0.5–1), indifference (1–4), antagonistic (> 4).