Retraction of: Scientific Reports, published online 20 April 2017

The authors have retracted this Article.

After publication they became aware that the oral cancer cell line had been contaminated with HeLa cells. In addition, there are irregularities in a number of figures, specifically:

  • Apparent overlap of the flow cytometry plots shown in Figure 1A and 1B which are for different cell lines

  • Duplication of blots between Figure 4A and Figure 4C

  • Duplication of blots between Figure 5B and Figure 5D

  • Duplication of blots between Figure 7B and Figure 7D

  • Duplication of parts of panels both within Figures 8 and 9 and between Figures 8 and 9 and parts of panels in figures in other articles1,2,3,4

All authors agree to this retraction