Table 6 Final validation set of blind samples carried out post strategy change for species determination, showing identity claim and true identity of each sample: 92% correct identification rate Sample in bold indicates a sample correctly indicated as animal blood though animal species was inconclusive.

From: Pre-validation of a MALDI MS proteomics-based method for the reliable detection of blood and blood provenance

Sample no. Blood presumptive test Presumptive test result Claim True identity
15 S None NA Human blood Human blood
22 S AY-7 +  Human blood Human blood
104 F None NA Chicken blood Chicken blood
121 F None NA Not blood Saliva
127 F None NA Semen Semen
128 F None NA Bovine blood Bovine blood
129 F AY-7  +  Chicken Blood Chicken blood
138 F AY-7  +  Animal blood − species inconclusive Bovine blood
146 F None NA Not blood Beet juice
147 F None NA Semen Semen
155 F AY-7  +  Porcine blood Porcine blood
156 F None NA Porcine blood Porcine blood
176 F AY-7  +  Not blood Semen
  1. S stain, F fingermark.
  2. The symbol +  (in the presumptive test result column) indicates that the sample tested positive for the presence of blood.