Table 4 Analysis and identification of semen blind samples.

From: Pre-validation of a MALDI MS proteomics-based method for the reliable detection of blood and blood provenance

Sample no. BET I ID Level (Blood?) II ID level (if blood, human/animal III ID level (which animal species?) True identity Correct claim?
32 S LCV −  Yes Human N/A Semen No
Following retrieval of semenogelin-1 marker at nominal m/z 1715
27 S None No N/A N/A Semen Yes
58 S AB-1 +  No N/A N/A Semen Yes
132 F LCV (− 1 area/residue) No N/A N/A Semen Yes
158 F AB-1 +  No N/A N/A Semen Yes
  1. S (stain), F (fingermark). BET indicates “blood enhancement technique” and the corresponding column shows “none” for none applied or reports the name of the technique with the enhancement result; “−” indicates no enhancement whereas “+” indicates enhancement. AB-1 (Acid Black 1); LCV (Leucocrystal Violet).