Table 3 Summary of selected sample submitted to MS/MS analysis and yielding identification/confirmation identity of porcine and bovine blood biomarkers.

From: Pre-validation of a MALDI MS proteomics-based method for the reliable detection of blood and blood provenance

Sample Ion signal m/z (Th) Analysis Mascot Score Protein Sequence Ion fragments detected
Porcine blood
7 S 1763.811 MALDI MS/MS 69 GAPDH LISWYDNEFGYSNR y1–y9; b3, b8
7 S 882.405 LC MS/MS 93 GAPDH LISWYDNEFGYSNR y1–y12; b2–11; a2, a4–a5, a8, a11
Packaged meat 1763.786 MALDI MS/MS 122 GAPDH LISWYDNEFGYSNR y1–y12; b2–b6, b8–b11; a2
Bovine blood
38 S 882.405 LC MS/MS 100 GAPDH LISWYDNEFGYSNR y2–y12; b2–b3, b5, b8; a2, a4
38 S 796.921 LC MS/MS 93 Myoglobin VEADVAGHGQEVLIR y1, y7–13; b2, b4–b5, b11–b12, b14; a2
1 S 1592.822 MALDI MS/MS 58 Myoglobin VEADVAGHGQEVLIR y7–y8, y10–y11,y13; b8–b8,b11,b13; a8, a12; c9