Table 2 Summary of selected sample submitted to MS/MS analysis and yielding identification/confirmation identity of a chicken blood biomarker (GAPDH).

From: Pre-validation of a MALDI MS proteomics-based method for the reliable detection of blood and blood provenance

Ion signal m/z (Th) Analysis Mascot Score ID protein and UniProt accession number Sequence Ion fragments detected
Chicken packaged meat
1749.855 MALDI MS/MS 62 GAPDH–P00356 LVSWYDNEFGYSNR y1–y12; b8–b9
Chicken butcher freshly prepared meat
1749.793 MALDI MS/MS 117 GAPDH—P00356 LVSWYDNEFGYSNR y1–y12; b6–b8
Chicken sample 35 S
875.397 LC MS/MS 92 GAPDH—P00356 LVSWYDNEFGYSNR y1, y3–13; b2–b6