Table 2 GO analysis.

From: Serum proteins may facilitate the identification of Kawasaki disease and promote in vitro neutrophil infiltration

Function Type p-value # Genes GO ID
Acute inflammatory response BP 2.14E−16 12 2,526
Acute-phase response BP 7.80E−15 10 6,953
Defense response BP 9.51E−15 33 6,952
Response to stress BP 1.53E−13 45 6,950
Response to wounding BP 2.16E−13 21 9,611
Response to inorganic substance BP 3.42E−13 18 10,035
Inflammatory response BP 7.61E−13 18 6,954
Regulation of biological quality BP 1.39E−11 40 65,008
Antioxidant activity MF 9.54E−11 9 16,209
Response to stimulus BP 1.21E−10 65 50,896
  1. We conducted GO analysis on the 101 varied proteins shown in Fig. 1a. Only the ten most significant GO items were tabulated. BP and MF denoted the biological process and molecular function, respectively. The p-value was calculated based on the hypergeometric distribution. #gene denoted the number of the initially inputted gene that belonged to this function item. Since we were studying the serum proteins secreted out to the cells, the GO item cellular compartment did not receive further consideration.