Table 1 Definitions of all parameters tracked or calculated for each in-flight dosing event.

From: Optical tracking and laser-induced mortality of insects during flight

Parameter Definition Data source/method
xyz position Coordinates of subject within test cage Calculated by coarse tracking system
Flight velocity Velocity vectors in x, y, z directions Calculated from Kalman filtered xyz position data
Flight acceleration magnitude Magnitude of acceleration vector Derivative of velocity data
Flight speed Linear speed of flight Magnitude of velocity vector
Tracking error Distance in pixels (1 px ~ 250 um) between calculated subject centroid and center of fine tracking camera’s field of view for each frame Calculated from fine tracking system images
Occlusion factor Percentage of laser dosing beam that was incident upon target, assuming Gaussian laser spot profile Laser spot location from center of fine tracking field of view, compared against outline of subject shape from same fine tracking images