Table 1 Pairwise comparisons of the sum of variances for the morphological disparity between the extant clades and the fossil angel shark.

From: Evolutionary trends of the conserved neurocranium shape in angel sharks (Squatiniformes, Elasmobranchii)

ENAA 0.8560.0010.7750.746
NAM0.000614421 0.0010.8980.539
PS0.0163096060.015695186 0.0010.001
SAF0.0012172290.0006028090.01509238 0.641
ENAA 0.0650.6390.001 
NAM0.001668977 0.0420.142 
SAF0.0005624150.002231392 0.002 
  1. Upper triangle of values indicates p value and lower triangle the pairwise distance between the variance of each group. Bold values in the upper triangle indicate significant differences at p < 0.05.