Table 3 Comparison of log2 fold change of the genes in RNAseq and qRT-PCR.

From: Combining transcriptomics and genetic linkage based information to identify candidate genes associated with Heterobasidion-resistance in Norway spruce

GenesRNA-seq log2 (fold change)RNA-seq log2 (fold change)qPCR log2 (fold change)qPCR log2 (fold change)Annotation
I3 vs W3I7 vs W7I3 vs W3I7 vs W7
MA_103386g00101.61*2.81*0.684.51*NAC- transcription factor
MA_264971g00101.93*2.75*0.805.58NAC- transcription factor
  1. Comparison of expression patterns of candidate genes in RNAseq and qRT-PCR experiment. The value represent log2 fold change in inoculation compared to wounding at 3 and 7 days post inoculation. I3 and W3 means inoculation and wounding at 3 dpi and I7 and W7 means inoculation and wounding at 7 dpi. Asterisks (*) indicate significant higher induction level in H. parviporum compared to wounding alone (P < 0.05).