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Figure 1

From: Early evidence of fire in south-western Europe: the Acheulean site of Gruta da Aroeira (Torres Novas, Portugal)

Figure 1

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Map showing the location of the main Acheulean and MIS 11-MIS 9 sites in central and western Europe indicating the absence (white dots) or presence (yellow dots) of fire. 1: Gruta da Aroeira (Portugal). 2: Menez-Dregan (France). 3: Orgnac 3 (France). 4: Terra Amata (France). 5: Bilzingsleben (Germany). 6: Vérteszöllös (Hungary). 7: Beeches Pit (United Kingdom). 8. Swanscombe (United Kingdom). 9: Boxgrove (United Kingdom). 10: La Grande Vallée (France). 11. Caune de l’Arago (France). 12: Sierra de Atapuerca sites (Spain). 13: Schöningen (Germany). 14: Torre in Pietra (Italy). Map extracted from OpenStreetMap

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