Table 1 Means, standard deviations, and zero-order between-person and within-person correlations for well-being and duration of use.

From: The effect of social media on well-being differs from adolescent to adolescent

 M (SD)Well-being between-personWell-being within-person
Well-being5.61 (0.75)
Duration of overall active social media use12.47 (11.49).06.09**
Duration of overall passive social media use19.71 (8.95).17.07*
Duration of active Instagram use5.15 (6.69)− .03.04
Duration of passive Instagram use9.39 (4.84)− .07.03
Duration of active WhatsApp use5.34 (4.14).08.04
Duration of passive WhatsApp use7.34 (3.69).01.09***
  1. Means were calculated at the between-person level and represent the average number of minutes that adolescents had spent using social media in the past hour across assessments during which adolescents had used social media/Instagram/WhatsApp in the past hour. All correlations are based on the assessments during which participants had used social media/Instagram/WhatsApp, either actively or passively. N = 63 for active and passive overall social media use; N = 60 for active and passive Instagram use; N = 63 for active and passive WhatsApp use.
  2. *p < .05. **p < .01. ***p < .001.