Table 1 Number of spray areas targeted and average spray area size across trial arm districts.

From: Leveraging risk maps of malaria vector abundance to guide control efforts reduces malaria incidence in Eastern Province, Zambia

DistrictTrial armNumber of spray areas targeted (buffer)Total number of spray areas in districtMedian number of houses per spray areaMean number of houses per spray area (standard deviation)
ChadizaHealth facility-targeting232 (41)3471757.37 (115.33)
KateteGeographic concentration148 (40)47419103.53 (411.23)
LundaziEcological-targeting988 (208)1,6951932.75 (133.67)
MambweEcological-targeting85 (15)15726108.82 (334.34)
NyimbaGeographic concentration112 (99)24216.563.52 (177.02)
VubwiHealth facility-targeting105 (1)1422974.01 (119.86)
Total 1,670 (409)3,0571054.78 (217.34)