Table 1 m-PTAS sensor detection performance.

From: A Portable Smartphone-linked Device for Direct, Rapid and Chemical-Free Hemoglobin Assay

Analysis CategorySpecimen TypeSpecimen[Hb] (g/dL)m-PTAS SensorLimit of Blank (g/dL)
Mean (rad)SD (rad)Measurement
Limit of BlankPlasma0.00000.04690.2811600.0039
Analysis CategorySpecimen TypeSpecimen[Hb] (g/dL)m-PTAS Sensor 
Mean (g/dL)SD (g/dL)MeasurementLimit of Detection (g/dL)
Limit of DetectionDiluted Blood Specimen0.03160.03710.0263600.0471
Analysis CategorySpecimen TypeSpecimen[Hb] (g/dL)m-PTAS Sensor 
Mean (g/dL)SD (g/dL)CV (%)MeasurementLimit of Quantitation (g/dL)
Limit of QuantitationDiluted Blood Specimen0.04750.04920.020541.74100.1069
  1. Detection performance of m-PTAS sensor was quantified based on EP17 guidelines. Diluted blood samples with low [Hb] for LoB and LoQ evaluation were created using the blood sample with [Hb] = 9.50 g/dL and autoplasma.