Table 2 Comparison of our results to other works.

From: Inter-annual decrease in pulse rate and peak frequency of Southeast Pacific blue whale song types

Song typePeriod studiedFrequency (Hz)Decrease in % of 2000’s value/year
Northeast Pacific (a)1963–200821.9 to 15.20.91
Southwest Pacific (a,d)1964–201325.3 to 17.50.81
Northwest Pacific (a)1968–200123.0 to 17.90.86
North Atlantic (a)1959–200423.0 to 17.60.66
Southern Ocean (a,c,e,f)1995–201428.5 to 25.80.50
North Indian (unit 2) (g)2002–201261.5 to 59.80.27
North Indian (unit 3) (a,f,g)1984–2013116 to 99.50.51
Southeast Indian (unit 2) (b)2002–201072.5 to 69.50.51
Southeast Indian (unit 3) (a)1993–200019.5 to 19.00.38
West Indian (f)2007–201534.7 to 33.70.35
Southeast Pacific 1 (unit B)1970–201423.1 to 19.30.43
Southeast Pacific 1 (unit C)1970–201430.8 to 24.30.58
Southeast Pacific 2 (unit C)1996–201725.8 to 23.60.44
Southeast Pacific 2 (unit D)1996–201725.8 to 23.50.45
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