Table 2 The results of multiple comparisons between the AV group and other groups in each evaluation phase.

From: Effects of synchronised engine sound and vibration presentation on visually induced motion sickness

 FMS 1stFMS 2ndFMS 3rdFMS 4thFMS 5th
tnon-adj. p tnon-adj. p tnon-adj. p tnon-adj. p tnon-adj. p 
AV vs no-AV2.240.028n.s.2.630.010*2.920.006*2.250.028n.s.2.310.023*
AV vs audio-only2.240.028n.s.2.440.017*2.670.009*2.090.040n.s.2.100.039*
AV vs vib-only1.590.117n.s.2.300.024*2.810.006*2.800.006*3.080.003*
  1. Statistical significances were evaluated using Holm’s method. FMS: Fast Motion Sickness scale; AV: audio-vibration; vib: vibration; t: t-value; non-adj. p: non-adjusted p-value; n.s.: not significant; *significant (p < 0.05).