Table 2 Results of statistical tests for each of the studied ERP-components.

From: Information gain modulates brain activity evoked by reading

ComponentEffectEffect slopeχ2
P200Word length0.030 
Word log-frequency0.062 
Word class0.018 
Document preference−0.006 
Information gain0.0744.68
m R2/c R2 0.003/0.016 
P300Word length0.068 
Word log-frequency0.025 
Word class−0.009 
Document preference0.011 
Information gain0.0532.72
m R2/c R2 0.007/0.079 
N400Word length0.082 
Word log-frequency0.100 
Word class0.009 
Document preference0.013 
Information gain0.1167.73*
m R2/c R2 0.010/0.035 
P600Word length0.030 
Word log-frequency0.040 
Word class0.019 
Document preference0.004 
Information gain0.0763.46
m R2/c R2 0.006/0.012 
  1. Columns and notation as in 1. The p-values have been Bonferroni corrected with m = 4.