Table 1 Results of statistical tests for the Early Positive Shift (EPS).

From: Information gain modulates brain activity evoked by reading

EffectEffect slopeχ2
Word length0.064 
Word log-frequency0.072 
Word class0.011 
Document preference0.010 
Information gain0.1015.98*
Marginal R2/Conditional R20.009/0.028 
  1. Columns from left to right: the name of the tested fixed effect; the standardised estimated slope for the effect; and the χ2 statistic representing the difference in deviance between a model which includes information gain as an effect and a model which does not. Significance is coded as with a star:’*’. The performance of the model is displayed as Marginal (variance explained by fixed effects only) and Conditional (variance explained by fixed and random effects) R2 values.