Table 3 Univariate analysis.

From: Neck lymph node status on survival of regionally recurrent or persistent nasopharyngeal carcinoma

p valuep valuep value
Number of positive lymph nodes0.001*0*0.002*
Number of positive lymph nodes > 50.001*0.001*0.012*
Lymph node density0.004*0.023*0.057
Lymph node density > 20%0.001*0.007*0.018*
Total number of lymph nodes > 120.1170.460.072
Pathological N staging0*0*0.14
Extracapsular spread0.40.390.056
  1. This is the output for univariate analysis performed with Kaplan Meier survival estimates.
  2. Notes: OS = overall survival; DSS = disease specific survival; LRRFS = locoregional recurrence free survival. LRRFS was not calculated for age due to censoring of data.
  3. Univariate analysis of total number of lymph nodes as a continuous variable was not performed as data was censored.