Table 2 Neck dissection specifics.

From: Neck lymph node status on survival of regionally recurrent or persistent nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Total sides of neck dissection56
Unilateral neck dissection36
Bilateral neck dissection10
Type of Neck dissection per side
Radical Neck Dissection26 (46.4%)
Modified Radical Neck Dissection30 (53.6%)
Positive neck levels per side of neck dissection
I11 (19.6%)
II32 (57.1%)
III18 (32.1%)
IV10 (17.9%)
V6 (10.7%)
VI3 (5.3%)
Pathological N Classification
N126 (57%)
N218 (39%)
N3a1 (2%)
N3b1 (2%)
Extracapsular spread31 (67.4%)
Number of lymph nodes examined, mean (range)26.4 (1–90)
Lymph node density, mean, percent (range)22.6% (1.82–100%)
Number of positive lymph nodes, mean (range)4.3 (0–14)
  1. This table summarizes the specifics of neck dissection of all subjects.