Table 6 CRCs detected on standard culture media but not reported.

From: Comprehensive evaluation of complex polymicrobial specimens using next generation sequencing and standard microbiological culture

SpecimenClassification group (CRC)aNGS16S % abundance (Direct)Detected on plate wash
BAL03Actinomyces species0.24 XXX X
BAL16Actinomyces species1.32 XXX X
BAL19Actinomyces species0.74XXXX X
BAL20Actinomyces species2XXXX X
BAL17Dermabacter species0 X    
BAL15Dermacoccus species0 X    
BAL16Dermacoccus species0 X    
BAL19Eikenella corrodens0.09 XX   
BAL02dHaemophilus species0.62XX    
BAL16Haemophilus species2.62 X    
BAL03Rothia species0.86XX    
BAL05Rothia species0 X    
BAL10eRothia species4.66 X    
BAL16Rothia species0.68XX    
BAL02Staphylococcus, coagulase negative0.73 X    
BAL09Staphylococcus, coagulase negative0.44XX    
BAL14dStaphylococcus, coagulase negative0X  X  
  1. aTo facilitate comparisons between culture and NGS16S analysis, organisms were assigned to classification groups as detailed in Table 1 and Supplementary Table S1.
  2. bStandard media.
  3. cStudy media.
  4. dPredominant Staphylococcus aureus reported.
  5. eOvergrown with Aspergillus.