Table 2 Summary of the sites selected for training and testing, including how the information on each site was sourced, which submesoscale feature was present to group floating materials together (if applicable), and what the detected materials were, or were suspected to be.

From: Finding Plastic Patches in Coastal Waters using Optical Satellite Data

Study SiteTraining or TestingInformation SourceAggregating FeatureFloating Materials
Accra, GhanaTestingTwitterRiver plume, frontSuspected plastics
Barbados, CaribbeanTrainingNews and TwitterN/ASeaweed
Da Nang, VietnamTestingLocal GovernmentRiver plume, frontSuspected plastics
Durban, South AfricaTrainingInstagram and personal communicationRiver plumeValidated plastics
Late Island, TongaTrainingTwitterN/AFloating pumice rock
Mytilene, GreeceTesting and TrainingUniversity of AegeanN/ADeployed plastic targets
Gulf Islands, BC, CanadaTrainingEyes Over Puget Sound (EOPS) reportN/ARafted timber
Gulf Islands, BC, CanadaTestingLITTERBASE portal, and scientific literatureEddySuspected plastics
Scotland, UKTrainingObservationsRiver plumeSpume
Scotland, UKTestingMarine Conservation Society UK reportFrontSuspected plastics