Table 1 Sentinel-2 MSI band characteristics, including descriptor, wavelengths and resolution.

From: Finding Plastic Patches in Coastal Waters using Optical Satellite Data

MSI BandDescriptorS-2A Central Wavelength (nm)S-2B Central Wavelength (nm)Resolution (m)
Band 1Coastal Aerosol442.7442.360
Band 2Blue492.4492.110
Band 3Green559.8559.010
Band 5Red Edge 1704.1703.820
Band6Red Edge2740.5739.120
Band 7Red Edge 3782.8779.720
Band 8aNarrow NIR864.7864.020
Band 9Water Vapour945.1943.260
Band 10SWIR Cirrus1373.51376.960
Band 12SWIR 22202.42185.720
  1. The selected bands for detecting floating debris are highlighted in bold.