Table 4 Alcohol typologies and chronic sleep problems (reported on three or more phases) over 30 years follow up (adjusted for age).

From: The association between alcohol consumption and sleep disorders among older people in the general population

Sleep duration (<5hours compared to 5 + hours)
Stable none1.220.78–1.921.060.63–1.77
Stable moderatea1 1 
Stable heavyb0.820.64–1.060.370.16–0.85
Unstable moderate1.110.91–1.370.980.69–1.39
Unstable heavy1.180.95–1.460.670.42–1.06
Former drinkers0.960.75–1.230.970.67–1.40
Always AUDIT non-case1 1 
Case on 3+ occasions1.211.05–1.390.620.46–0.84
Trouble staying asleep (15 + days vs < 15 days per month)
Stable none0.840.55––1.92
Stable moderate1 1 
Stable heavy1.421.10–1.831.160.47–2.85
Unstable moderate1.180.97–1.441.060.76–1.48
Unstable heavy1.451.17–1.791.090.68–1.73
Former drinkers1.100.86–1.410.970.68–1.38
Always Audit non-Case1 1 
Case on 3+ occasions1.471.28–1.691.310.94–1.81
Trouble falling asleep (15 + vs < 15 days per month)
Stable none0.960.60–1.530.760.37–1.53
Stable moderate1 1 
Stable heavy1.060.80–1.400.380.13–1.10
Unstable moderate1.050.84–1.310.650.40–1.08
Unstable heavy1.250.98–1.580.470.25–0.86
Former drinkers0.900.69–1.180.890.52–1.55
Always Audit non-Case1 1 
Case on 3+ occasions1.140.98–1.330.680.45–1.04
Wake tired (15 + vs < 15 days per month)
Stable none0.840.53–1.321.080.58–1.99
Stable moderate1 1 
Stable heavy1.371.02–1.840.480.18–1.30
Unstable moderate1.381.10–1.731.080.70–1.66
Unstable heavy1.411.11–1.790.610.36–1.05
Former drinkers1.310.99–1.730.930.60–1.44
Always AUDIT non-case1 1 
Case on 3+ occasions1.431.21–1.681.310.84–2.03
Wake several times (15 + vs < 15 days per month)
Stable none0.720.45–1.131.330.71–2.48
Stable moderate1 1 
Stable heavy1.521.13–2.051.480.42–5.17
Unstable moderate1.401.11–1.771.210.80–1.82
Unstable heavy1.611.26–2.070.840.49–1.45
Former drinkers1.160.87–1.531.010.66–1.56
Always Audit non-Case1 1 
Case on 3+ occasions1.421.20–1.681.220.81–1.83
  1. aModerate = 1–14 units.
  2. bHeavy = 14+ units.