Table 2 Organic and GM corn production costs and returns (in 2017 USD) per planted hectare, by region in 2010 (Data from USDA ERS 2014).

From: Evaluating the holistic costs and benefits of corn production systems in Minnesota, US

 Organic $/haGM $/ha
HeartlandNorthern CrescentHeartlandNorthern Crescent
Total, gross value of production (corn grains and silage)2268214919171841
Total, Operating costs (seed, fertilizer, chemicals, fuel, electricity, interest on operating capital, repairs)455619775773
Total overhead costs (hired labour, opportunity cost of unpaid labour, capital recovery of machinery, opportunity cost of land, taxes and insurance, general farm overhead)856761741590
Total costs1310138015161362
Value of production less total costs957770400479
Value of production less operating costs1813153111421068
Yield (Metric Tonne per ha)871110
Price ($ per Metric Tonne of corn grains at harvest)298299181184