Table 2 Demographic description and comparison of baseline parameters in the two groups. Independent t-test (continuous variables) or Fischer’s exact test (categorical variables) was used to test for the significance of differences of means.

From: Urethral Instillation of Povidone-Iodine Reduces Post-Cystoscopy Urinary Tract Infection in Males: A Randomized Controlled Trial

CategoryControl GroupIntervention GroupP value
Mean age (years)58.2 ± 11.655.0 ± 11.50.057
Mean hemoglobin (g/dl)12.3 ± 1.512.0 ± 1.30.056
Mean length of cystoscopy (min)9.47 ± 2.09.8 ± 2.10.193
Reason for cystoscopy
     a) Follow up for bladder cancer94960.497
     b) Follow up for upper tract urothelial cancer20 
     Coronary artery disease760.74
     Benign prostatic obstruction760.74
     Diabetes mellitus10120.82
Swab culture
     a) Any bacterial growth except aerobic spore bearers84810.533
     b) Uro-pathogenic bacterial growth (excluding aerobic spore bearers and staphylococci species)34310.76